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We stand for sustainability and quality. With this in mind, repairing is more important than replacing. In our spare parts shop you will find every conceivable part to repair your trolley yourself.


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Locking Lever
Sale price£3.90
Blade IP/Blade + Foot BrakeBlade IP/Blade + Foot Brake
Sale price£16.40
Sold out
Upper Bag Holder
Sale price£13.20
Rear wheel - Various colors
Sale price£29.10
Sold out
Big Max Ersatzteil
Sale price£15.00
Beverage Holder Blade
Sale price£6.90
Universal Zipper Handle
Sale price£12.90
Scorecard Holder
Sale price£17.90
Wheel Axel Blade+Wheel Axel Blade+
Sale price£63.90
Blade Rear Wheel
Sale price£29.90
Nano ClipNano Clip
Sale price£9.90
Blade Trio/Quattro Brake
Sale price£7.90
IQ+ Grip Lever
Sale price£14.10
Blade IP Handle
Sale price£37.10
IQ+ Wheel Mechanism + Brake
Sale price£29.90
Sold out
Blade Quattro Front Wheel
Sale price£20.30
Sold out
Blade Trio Front Fork
Sale price£25.20
Sold out
Blade Trio Lower Bag Mount
Sale price£9.90
Sold out
Blade Trio Handle Mount
Sale price£10.90
Sold out
Blade Trio/Quattro Wheel Connection
Sold out
Blade Trio/Quattro Upper Bag Mount
Sold out
Blade Trio/Quattro Upper Frame
Sale price£35.60
Handle Blade Trio/Quattro
Sale price£24.90
Sold out
Front Wheel for Various Trolleys