Ti Lite

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Color: white

The TI-LITE is the latest model of the Classic TI series. It is particularly light, but still very robust. It is not for nothing that it is one of the most famous trolleys in the world. Quick-change wheels and the easy folding system make for an incredibly stable, space-saving design, while the deluxe organizer panel offers ample room for balls, sunglasses, umbrella holders, and anything else the golfer might need.

Pure and simple

The Ti Lite is our premium trolley for the purist. It is made almost entirely of aluminum and is incredibly comfortable to push.

Ti Lite

Below the Fold

Simplicity is key

The Ti Lite is built with classic simplicity. All mechanisms are hidden and the plastic parts are reduced to a minimum. This is how we created the lightest BIG MAX Trolley ever.

Universal Bag Holder

The BIG MAX bag holder is easy to set up and adjust. This way you can place your bag with pinpoint accuracy and make sure it stays in place while you ride. When the bag holder fits perfectly, all you have to do is close the mechanism with a simple pull.

XL Organizer Panel

The BIG MAX XL organizer has a large mesh under the magnetic scorecard holder with enough space for drinking bottles, range finders, and more.

Ti Lite

Product Features

Folding Mechanism



5.4 kg

Size folded

78 x 36 x 42 cm