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Intentionally Designed. Impossibly Thin.

The BIG MAX FlatFold technology reinvents the way you transport your push cart. Durability and unique designs, nurtured over 25 years of a family-led legacy, complemented with an impressive 5-year warranty

"The Best Golf Trolleys You Can Buy"
"Best Compact Trolleys"
"One Of The Best Trolley Currently On The Market"

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Redefine what you fit in your trunk. With the BIG MAX FlatFold technology you can easily store multiple carts in you car.

Folds in a second

Never struggle again. All of our folding mechanisms are optimized for easy and ultra fast folding and unfolding.

Compatible with All. Made for the Best

All of our push carts are compatible with every golf bag on the market, but they excel with BIG MAX golf bags.

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BIG MAX stands for the highest quality and extreme durability. But since something can always break, we attach great importance to the fact that every trolley can be repaired quickly and easily.

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Industry Leader

With 30 years of expertise in the field, BIG MAX Golf has continuously pushed the boundaries of design and technology, cementing our reputation as industry leaders in golf push carts.

Inspired by the forward-thinking approach of leading tech companies, we blend modern aesthetics with unparalleled functionality, creating cool and innovative carts that redefine the standards of the industry.

Our extensive collection features cutting-edge designs, including high-end flatfold push carts, durable 3-wheel push carts, and the ultimate 4-wheel push carts, catering to every golfer's unique preferences and needs.

High End Golf Bags

Discover variety at its finest. At BIG MAX Golf, we offer you an extensive range of golf bags, combining design, functionality, and quality in every detail. Find your perfect golf bag for every game.

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